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Steven Spielberg

            Steven Spielberg is most likely the best moviemaker the Hollywood has ever known. One of his most valuable talents is the ability to understand the public and predict what kind of movies people will like. Spielberg delivers hit after hit based on his own self-describe "preoccupation with ordinary people pursued by large forces". He does what he likes to do more than anything else. His life as a moviemaker is exciting, but it hasn't always been the way it is and to become the "Great Spielberg" he is today he had to overcome numerous obstacles the world had given him.
             Steven has liked movies since he was very little and his interest wasn't just in the movies themselves but in the process of making them. He made his first movie using his father's 8 mm camera at the age of twelve which impressed his peers and made them respect him. One of his homemade movies won an award as the best movie made by a teenager. A short while after that when he was twenty, Spielberg signed a contract with Universal Studio. From that point on he was working very slowly and learning how to become a good moviemaker. At the age of twentyeight, a blockbuster movie called Jaws directed by him was released. Jaws was the most profitable movie at that time and its release drew a lot of attention to Steven Spielberg which made him one of Hollywood's best young directors. .
             Being Jewish is never easy for anybody, because for some reason many people consider them inferior. Spielberg is an American born Jew. Although his first language is English he was still considered Jewish by a lot of people in his neighborhood and when he was a teenager and lived with his parents, other children would often make fun of him and try to humiliate him whenever they had a chance. A number of years later when he became a famous and respected member of American society he made a movie called Schindler's List which was a very powerful and touching movie about the life of Jewish people during the World War 2 in Germany and the surrounding countries.

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