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Steven Spielberg

            As a director, Steven Spielberg has touched the hearts of many with the movies he has created. Such movies as ET: The Extraterrestrial, The Goonies, and Schindler's List, have entered the homes of people around the world. Since 1958 he has accomplished more than most at his age, all the awards he has received show that he is a true American Icon for history. .
             Steven Spielberg's childhood has shaped the way he became a profound director. As a child, growing up, most kids were playing sports while Spielberg was busy making short films ("Steven" 2). His parents encouraged him by helping him turn their Arizona house into a studio ("Steven" 1). Spielberg filmed his first movie at the age of 12 and received his first award at the age of 13 for his film Escape to Nowhere (Steven Spielberg 2). His childhood paved the way towards his passion of directing. .
             Spielberg's education and early training impacted the way he became a famous director. Unlike most Hollywood directors, he was not accepted to any film schools, so instead he attended the California State University of Long Beach to study English (Steven Spielberg 2). While in California, he entered the back lot of Universal Studios. (Steven Spielberg 2). Soon after, Spielberg dropped out of college to make movies in an abandon janitor's closet he found in Universal Studios (Steven Spielberg 3). Each day, Spielberg would enter the Universal Studios lot looking as professional as he could, to make his movies, after a while, the security guards got to know him, and he felt as if he belonged ("Steven" 2). If it were not for the fact that Spielberg was not accepted to a film school, and came to Southern California, he may not have become a successful director. .
             Through out is lifetime; so far, Steven Spielberg has achieved many accomplishments. Spielberg is responsible for seven out of the twenty all time box-office hits (Bayre 2). He was the youngest director to be signed to a long-term contract with a major studio (Steven Spielberg 3).

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