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Interpretive essay

            The poem, "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" by William Wordsworth, is about how nature can bring joy to someone's heart. In this poem Wordsworth writes about how, when he is feeling the most lonely, he likes to think back to that day when he saw a group of golden daffodils that were splashing around on a lake. He says when he reminisces about that day he feels at peace and he can find happiness in nature.
             In the first stanza Wordsworth compared himself to a lonely cloud streaming along valleys and hills when he saw a group of golden daffodils on a lake under a tree and was stopped by their beauty (lines 1-6). He compared himself to a lonely cloud because he was indicating that he was completely isolated. Now another person's interpretation of this may be that maybe he was hallucinating or just simply daydreaming but as you keep reading it obvious that he really did see those daffodils. In lines 3-4 he says, "When all at once I saw a crowd, / A host, of golden daffodils." The analogy he made was that the crowd of daffodils represented humanity but Wordsworth found that he related better to the beauty of nature than humans.
             In the second stanza he described how they danced and fluttered and compares them to stars. You can see this in the second stanza lines 7-12,"Continous as the stars that shine / And twinkle on the milky way Ten thousand saw I at a glance, / Tossing their heads in sprightly dance." The reason he does this comparison is because golden daffodils and stars are both the same color and when the daffodils are in the water and you look at them really fast they twinkle. So the beauty of the golden daffodils is everlasting just like the universe.
             In the third stanza Wordsworth said how the waves beside the daffodils danced but it was nothing compared to the daffodils. He then said that a poet could not be but happy and that the .
             company of the daffodils brought such joy to him (lines 14-19).

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