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             Aristotle was a student at the academy of Plato in Athens, from age 17 to 37. He was Plato's most brilliant pupil, but he did not always agree with Plato on all issues. In the essay "A Definition of Justice" Aristotle tries to explain that justice is interpreted different by everyone. The reason is that they are interpreting it to suit themselv.
             es there for are only seeing a partial justice. This essay should be required reading because it acutely makes the reader think about and review what they are reading. .
             The only way that a State can keep it's people good and just, is to take into consideration virtue. A state is a community of families and congregation's of families in well being, for the sake of a perfect and self-sufficing life. Such a community can only exist if the people of the community live in the same place and intermarry. These are created by friendship; friendship is the will to live together. Aristotle says, " Political society exists for the sake of noble actions and not of mere companionship"(Jacobus).
             Aristotle bases his concept of justice on the idea of equality. He also thought that the inequality of intelligence was of great importance. Aristotle says that most men believe justice to be equality, but not for all, but only for equals. And by the same token inequality is, not for all but only for unequal. When people make decisions regarding justice, they usually define justice in a way that best suits their own needs and wants. .
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             Justice is to often associated with wealth, when it should be associated with right and wrong.
             The last main point that Aristotle hits on is that goodness should not be judged by birth, wealth, or royalty, but should be judged by talent, and quality of work. If three racecar drivers are equal in talent, but one has a superior racecar because he was born well, is this fare? No, if all three drivers are equal in talent then they should all have equal cars.

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