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            Aristotle has claimed that political science "determines which of the sciences should be in the communities, and which of the sciences should be in the communities, and which kind individuals are to learn, and what degree of proficiency is to be required." Based upon this claim, he has placed many studies of human action under this theory of political science. .
             Due to the extreme technological society which we live in today, many individuals may be torn between agreement and disagreement with Aristotle's view. Specialty scientists and technological experts can become so involved with their new advances, they not be on the same level as political scientists, which can cause conflict among the two. Aristotle's theory behind political science has claimed that it is above all other sciences, combining them all to benefit the society in whole. It studies all human actions to determine the good life for all. Although these new technological advances may be aimed at achieving a good means or goal, the benefits to society may become overlooked. Specialists may try to convince the public that these advances are what society needs for a good life, when in actuality, may become harmful to society.
             One current emotional and moral issue where politicians have had debates has been the study of genetic engineering and human cloning. The idea of cloning human embryos to recreate birth or create spare human tissues was developed by the biotechnology industry to help cure diseases and help fulfill the reproductive rights of infertile and/or gay couples. Although this seems to be a logical reason for scientific cloning, many believe that it will become more than this if eventually legalized. Politicians have argued that this type of scientific advance could cause many ethical and religious questions. It could greatly interfere with God's plan for a woman and man to naturally conceive a child and have a possibility of greatly interfering with the natural human life.

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