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Causes of Premature Birth

             Too many babies are being born too soon. About half of all women who go into premature labor do so for no known reason. For some women do know the reason. Some premature babies thrive and live healthy lives. Some die. A newborn is classified at birth as premature if born less than 37 weeks. There are several causes of premature births, which include abuse, lack of prenatal care, chronic illness, stress, and using illegal drugs.
             One cause of premature birth is abuse during pregnancy. The women who are most at risk for abuse during pregnancy are those who have been physically abused before. Most abuse is directed toward unmarried pregnant women and those with unplanned pregnancies than other groups. Abuse during pregnancy is the mistreatment, battering, or abuse of a pregnant woman. This abuse can be in the form of physical, sexual, or emotional violence. Abuse affects women of all ages and from all social and economic backgrounds. Physical abuse is one of the most common causes of premature birth. Physical abuse is one of the most common causes of premature births during pregnancy. It is estimated that one pregnant woman in four is physically abused. This rate is even higher in pregnant teens. Some women may feel they have to accept the abuse and some may have low self-esteem. Since the fetus is a very soft, delicate tissue when the women is beaten it can cause her to go into premature labor.
             A second cause of premature birth is the lack of prenatal care. Lack of prenatal care is more commonly among women who live in low-income areas or those who can"t afford the health care. Lack of prenatal care is associated with maternal complication low birth weight and prematurely in newborns. Young pregnant teens are more likely to suffer from lack of prenatal care since they are unable to afford the health care that may be needed for their unborn baby. A woman who is abused may not seek prenatal care early in her pregnancy.

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