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The Negative Side of Abortion

            Every life begins at conception, that's an indisputable fact of Science. No matter the circumstances on which a woman become pregnant neither the age, stereo type or believes abortion always exterminates the life of another living being. Pregnancy is divide into three trimesters: first trimester which are the first three months of the pregnancy, the second three months and finally the third trimester which is seventh month until conception. More of the abortions take place during the first eleven weeks, since is more harmless for the woman anatomy. Every woman body adjust to an abortion in numerous ways, some later experience miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or birth defect. Abortion is the act of killing an innocent, helpless, faultless and unexpected life for an irresponsible woman to get away with her life.
             Now, you can have an abortion anywhere, some places are cheaper than others, some offer better treatment, it has become a modern day casualty. It come with many cons and pros. By all means abortion seems like an awful, unhuman crime which I think it should be punish for. Killing someone how didn't ask to be born is a horrific error. Why murdering a well-deserved life? Just because it came in odd situations, what gives a person the right to end an innocent child future? God gave women the privilege to procreate; what gives women the right to destroy God's beauty? Aborting gives higher risks of not being able to get pregnant again. The psychological harm that an abortion do to a woman are countless. Symptoms like unwanted memories, which can be the result of depression and stress.
             Women who abort especially teen girls are more likely to experience emotional problems. Traumatic aftereffect of abortion include the following: suicide, depression, trauma, eating disorders, substance abuse, coercion, guilt and repressed grief. Once a woman get comfortable with aborting being the solution, there're higher probabilities of a second time abortion.

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