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            In the world that we live in today, there are many issues that affects us and shape our lives. It is the society that we live in that influences our beliefs and values upon certain issues. I believe that in our society, abortion is a major and important issue affecting many women. I think that abortion is a very big problem because of the fact that many women become pregnant and use abortion as a way out. If abortion was not an option, then they would be more careful about not getting pregnant. If this option was taken away, then I believe that many more women would be less careless when it comes to having sex. It is against my religion to have an abortion anyway, so this makes my beliefs about abortion even stronger. On the sides of pro-life and pro-choice, I believe in pro-life because a person has no right no kill someone. Even though the baby is not fully developed, it is still a fetus and it is still alive, so it is wrong to have it terminated. .
             Abortion is a topic that is well debated on both sides, the pro-life group and the pro-choice group. The pro-life members advocate full legal protection of human embryos or fetuses, especially by opposing legalized abortion. Pro-choice members support the legal right of women and girls to choose whether or not to continue a pregnancy to term. The Pro-Life side argues that the woman has a choice of whether she wants to keep her baby or not. They believe that they have the choice of what to do with their lives because having a child is very important and can drastically alter your life. Having abortion legal is important to the pro-life side because if abortion was illegal then they would turn to backroom "professionals" or self-inflict them, both that are extremely dangerous. About 25% of the public is firmly in the pro-life camp. About 25% call themselves pro-choice, but only a few favor abortion for the extremes such as for viable babies and sex selection.

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