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Partial Birth Abortion

            Nor shall any state deprive any reason of life, liberty or poverty, without due process law" declared the fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution. In other words, this statement announces that every human being should have the right to live. A process of dilation and the death of unborn fetus" known as partial-birth abortion, also recognized as intact dilation and evacuation, throws the life of the unborn child away. This deed of cruelty is completed during the second or third trimester to conclude a woman's pregnancy where the baby's head is out of the woman's vagina. A regulation known as HR 3660 classifies partial-birth abortion as a course of action where the abortionist transports a living fetus through the vagina until it is in some measure out of the woman's womb. This exploit of violence undoubtedly shows that it is done to intentionally kill the unborn child ("House"). Carrying out heinous act of cruelty takes the chances for the child to step out into life. Contrary to popular belief, partial-birth abortion should be eliminated under any circumstances whether it is considered positive or negative. .
             It was not until the Roe vs. Wade controversy in 1973 that partial-birth abortion was declared legally possible as a constitutional right to an assured degree. For example, throughout the time period of the first semester, the abortionist creates medical decisions of the abortion that a female should obtain and its consequences (MCFL). The suggestion that doctors recommends should be taken because it is the prime selection for the woman. Since restrictions were placed after the Roe vs. Wade case, the states should put a strong effect to determine whether or not partial-birth will be permitted on the female during the second trimester. Therefore, during the third trimester, the decision comes where the states settle on which type of abortion to save the mother's life (MCFL).

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