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Mission Trip to Mexico

            It was a hot day when I and the rest of the missions team got out of the airplane in Mexico city. We where supposed to take a van for a 8 hour trip to Pueblo than to the mountain called Picode Orizaba. We would have to stay at a mansion in Honduran perspective. The man named Pelicea owned a trout farm, the trout looked lanky and they felt like a waxy slippery, ridged animal. Pelicea told us that he only makes about $4,000.00 a year by selling trout (that is a lot for Hondurans). Pelicea and his wife Joarez made us some trout the trout was the best fish I had ever had, the fish tasted like spicy peppers it was zesty, salty just a little and it was charred just a little.
             After that night we woke up about 3:00 am in the morning, because we had to get going before it got to hot. We had to drive for 12 hours on a dirt road through the mountains. There was a shabby old truck driving be hind us because that truck was caring are stuff, the reason the truck had are stuff is because we hired a man in Mexico city to watch are stuff while we were traveling to this village, The man had his two sons stay in the back of the truck with AK-47 because there was a lot of people how rob people on this road and these robbers kill there victims. We got to the little village called Potosi this village was the most poorest village in all of Mexico. When I got out of the van it was so hot that my shirt got all sticky and it stuck to my body, so without thanking I got out a bottle of water and at that moment my life change every child came running towards me to get just a sip of clean water. It changed my life because these children got to walk for 2 hours just to get to the cleanest water well witch was still dirty. I gave them my water bottle and then some the children there where thin, shabby, frail, lanky they all where just so small. I learned that the families in this village get almost ever week is a leaf full of sap from a tree.

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