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             Each year many individuals invest enormous amounts of money as well as countless hours of training in hopes of improving their health, looks or athletic skills. Parents enroll small children in organized sports programs such as gymnastics, soccer, and t-ball hoping that the child will get a head start on the way to becoming a successful athlete. There are many reasons that lead individuals to begin a work-out program. Feigenbaum and Pollack (1997) conclude that "strength training, particularly when incorporated into a comprehensive fitness program, can offer substantial health benefits that can be obtained by persons of all ages" (p.6). Athletes on the other hand, use these same facilities and training programs that will allow them to become more explosive in the sport in which they hope to excel. A desire to throw harder, run faster or jump higher is the motivation many athletes use to find a workout program that will help accomplish these goals. Hooks (1974) states that "Strength is they key to success in modern athletics" (p.1). He also says that the most basic elements needed for athletic success are "coordination, desire, speed, and strength" (p.1). Vigorous exercise programs help athletes grow and develop. Since strength definitely seems to be the key to success for any athlete, it is necessary for athletes to take steps to increase strength, allowing them to gain tremendous advantage over their opponent.
             In this study, the main focus will be to determine the most effective methods of improving one's vertical jump. Having a good vertical jump is significant in several sports, but it is particularly important in the game of volleyball. Because of its importance, this study will investigate the effects of plyometrics, weight training and flexibility on the vertical jump. The question to be answered is whether or not there is a strong correlation between plyometrics, weight training, and flexibility when training to increase one's vertical jump.

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