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Euthanasia and The Netherlands

             The purpose of this paper is to inform you about euthanasia and the Netherlands. It can arguable be said that at least half of all doctors have performed a mercy killing at least one time during their career. Some argue against it based on religious reasons and others think that humans do not have the capacity to be able to decide when and how they should die. The people in favor argue that it lets people have choices concerning their death. They also say it lets people die with dignity and will let them choose the manner in which they pass and not be subject to cruel forms of life support. The Netherlands is the first country in the world to legalize this procedure. This country has historically been at the forefront of progressive attitudes and laws. Time will tell if this new policy will benefit the countries people as well as past policies have. .
             The Kingdom of the Netherlands, more commonly referred to as the Netherlands, was formed in 1815. It has an area about twice the size of New Jersey and, according to a July 2001 estimate by the CIA, a population of 15,981,472(CIA). The government is a constitutional monarchy with Queen Beatrix as the chief of state. The current prime minister is Wim Kok, who has held that position since August, 1994(TERRA). It has a basic parliamentary system with the prime minister being the majority party leader who is appointed by the Queen. It has a bi-cameral legislature called the States General, which is made up of the First Chamber, or the senate, and the Second Chamber, also known as the House of Representatives. The First Chamber is the Upper house and its members are elected indirectly by the countries 12 provincial councils and serve four year terms. The First chamber has 75 seats(OWfP). The Second Chamber is the lower house with its members being elected directly by the people to serve four year terms(OWfP). The Second Chamber has 150 seats(OWfP).

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