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            The word euthanasia originated from the Greek language. It is derived from eu meaning good and thanatos meaning death. Euthanasia has been an extremely sensitive and controversial subject for many decades. The Netherlands is the only place that euthanasia has been widely accepted and integrated into society. Everywhere else the patient is forced to continue to live against their wishes, often-in great pain until the body succumbs and death occurs. Physical pain is not the only reason for wanting to end ones life. The complete loss of mobility, total dependency, loss of bodily functions, or impending loss of ones mental abilities, all of which rob the patient from a dignified death should be acceptable reasons for wanting to end ones life (The Humanist 32). No one can prevent death; however, the dying process should be a gentle and peaceful one whenever possible. For many, death comes quickly in form of a heart attack, massive stroke, plane accident, or other type of catastrophic incident. Some people are fortunate, and die peacefully while sleeping. However, for some terminally ill patients the pain is unbearable often-lasting weeks even months. While modern medicine has made some miraculous leaps forward in treating many fatal diseases. There are still diseases for which there is no cure, and in some cases in the advanced stages of some diseases; the patient must endure uncontrollable, torturous pain. When life consists of a few agonizing, drugged months, or weeks, many patients beg their doctors to help them die. In the Netherlands euthanasia is an option for the terminally ill, in severe and uncontrollable pain, and for family members. Euthanasia has become a widely accepted part of their culture and their end of life care. Currently in the United States, Oregon is only state that has legalized physician assisted suicide. There are four different categories of euthanasia, and similar to euthanasia is patient assisted suicide.

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