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             Basically, Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles, into certain points (sometimes with an electrical charge), to influence body functions, or to stop pain. .
             Although Acupuncture may be considered a new form of health care, it has flourished in Asia for over 2000 years.
             It is used widely throughout Europe, and is one of the newest primary health care professions in North America. .
             It is also used to treat and diagnose illness. .
             There is also a broader variety of techniques or forms such as, cupping, Moxibustion, breathing techniques, exercise, nutrition, herbs as dietary supplements to promote health, Gua Sha, and acupressure.
             How Acupuncture works.
             Over the whole body there are 365 acupuncture points and close to 500 non-common used points, some spots include, eye, ear dental, muscular, skeletal, respiratory and psychological. .
             Acupuncture is mainly based on the gate theory of pain.
             The Gate Theory of pain.
             This theory explains that pain signals must pass through a number of crowded nerves as they move from the area of injury toward the brain. .
             Like a highway or a road, these nerves can handle only a limited number of nerve signals at one time. .
             Some pain signals travels very slowly. Acupuncture physicians can generate other signals which move faster. .
             The faster signals crowd out the slower ones because the nerves can only handle so much. .
             If you can produce enough fast signals, it can effectively crowd out the pain signals, and stop them from reaching the brain. .
             Positive aspects of acupuncture.
             Acupuncture has been shown to stimulate the immune system. .
             It also affects the circulation, blood pressure, rhythm , and production of red and white blood cells. .
             It also stimulates the release of a variety of hormones that help body to respond to injury and stress.
             In some cases it has shown improved sleep(deeper/more hours).
             Some Physical disorders that can be treated with acupuncture are; Headaches/migraines, lower back pain, tennis elbow, muscle spasms and many more.

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