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             This is a marketing plan developed for Selma T. Jones and her new business, the Acupuncture Center, by "The Great Expectations" marketing group. We believe we have designed a marketing plan that will effectively promote the Acupuncture Center and, at the same time, stay below the marketing budget of $1,500 that we have been given by our client. By using brochures and business cards, the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce, and WIS TV's CraigCam, we believe our marketing plan will be effective in bringing the Acupuncture Center the clientele it is looking for while making the business very profitable for our client.
             The Challenge.
             "The Great Expectations" are faced with two challenges. Our first challenge is to find a way to market the Acupuncture Center and Selma Jones. Our second challenge is to find a way to educate the general public about acupuncture, how painless the procedure is and conditions that it can treat. We believe that if people are educated about how natural and painless acupuncture is it will help build clientele at the Acupuncture Center. At this time many people still believe that acupuncture is a form of voodoo or witchcraft. Clearing up the misconception about acupuncture, as well as marketing Jones and her business, is the goal of this marketing plan.
             Situation Analysis.
             Company - Acupuncture Center.
              Acupuncture Center.
              Selma T. Jones.
              Jones is the only board certified woman acupuncturist in South Carolina.
              Many people know Jones from her previous profession as a successful prosecutor for Richland County.
              Jones is open-minded and well educated in the field of acupuncture.
              The office is in an excellent marketing location.
              New Business Owner.
              Limited Clientele.
              No Marketing Plan.
              Limited Business Knowledge.
             Market Share.
              We believe the Acupuncture Center's primary marketing targets will be women, middle-aged people, the elderly and smokers.

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