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Rates of Reaction

             Calcium carbonate and hydrochloric acid react together. I am going to investigate the rates of reaction of limestone chips CaCO3 in hydrochloric acid under different temperatures. I will monitor r the rate of reaction.
             Five factors that affect the rate of reaction are concentration of the acid, temperature, pressure, catalyst and particle size (surface area).
             In this experiment it will be the temperature of the hydrochloric acid and the surface area of the calcium carbonate.
             I will be keeping all factors constant except for one variable which will be th temperature during each experiment.
             I predict that the rate of reaction will increase proportionally with the temperature. Which can be explained by the collision theory, which is that the rate of reaction simply depends on how hard or soft the reacting particles collide with each other.
             The basic idea is that particles have to collide in order to react, and they have to collide hard enough as well. .
             I have drawn a graph to illustrate my prediction:.
             Fair Testing.
             To keep it a fair test, the variables need to be kept the same to prevent getting the wrong results. The temperature of the acid needs to be accurate to get the correct rates of reacting marble chips.The size of the marble chips needs to be kept the same because of them either having a larger or smaller surface area for the acid to react with. If it has a larger surface area than the previous chips the results would be wrong because it has a larger area to react with, therefore the time it would of taken would be more than should be. If it were compared to the smaller chips the tine would be less because of it having it a smaller surface area for the reaction to take on.
             It is important to carry out a safe experiment as we don't want to cause any accidents.
             The Safety Procedures are:.
             • Wear goggles at all times acids are very dangerous substances and can cause major skin irritation or burns and can damage eyes if squirted into the eye or pupil cavity.

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