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Separation Of The West Is The Way To Go

            For the past 20 years there has been much controversy regarding western separation. This began when Trudeo introduced a new tax on oil. He thought that if Alberta was going to get any money out of their hard work that the rest of the country should have a right to the money as well. This raises some questions: "Does the east even care about us? Or just our precious oil?" "Why should the East have control over the West's resources and why don't we have any say in anything that goes on" "Why doesn't Quebec have to pay any royalties on any of the electricity they export to the United States? After all they export more electricity than the west does of oil." The West has strongly hated the East ever since. If we are part of this country then why don't we have any say in anything? Maybe the west should just take their oil and form a new country. Why should Albertans pay taxes on the oil that they pull out of the ground? All of these taxes are a huge drain from Alberta's economy. If Alberta and possibly Saskatchewan separated from the rest of the country and formed their own country, then it would be the richest in the world. Right now as it is, mainly Alberta is supplying the entire world with oil. If we were to separate, there would be no thieving liberals to take our hard earned money and give it away to "have not" provinces like Quebec, art grants (over $2 million for colorfully painted cows), and special treaty money for free gasoline and cigarettes if you are a certain type of Indian. The only way to keep the people of this great province, Alberta from loosing all of its hard-earned money is to separate from the rest of Canada. .
             Does the East really care about the West or just their oil? Many people feel that Ottawa just wants the revenue from the oil. There are large amounts of evidence to support that theory. If Ottawa cared at all about Alberta then why doesn't Alberta have any say in what goes on in Alberta? Why would Ottawa propose the Kyoto agreement for Alberta when Alberta would not benefit from it? Why would they give so much funding to these art losers when some Alberta schools are literally falling apart.

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