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Oliver Tambo

            Oliver Tambo was a person and a leader, who helped the African National Congress to contribute to the inclusive and equal policies of democracy. Oliver was a remarkable person, who had his profound influence on the African National Congress. Tambo was the founder member and secretary of the A.N.C youth league in 1944. Throughout the years between 1400s - 1900s, the outsiders were coming from Europe and ruling Africa, where they were mistreating the African. He played an important role in the history of movement of freedom. Tambo had a traditional rural roots and he acquired his experience through education. He applied his knowledge and experience and became famous nationally and internationally. Oliver Tambo should be hall fame because of he founded the A.N.C, which he fought to end Apartheid through various strategies.
             He founded African National Congress. Oliver Tambo gathered Black people together in South Africa to fight against apartheid government. The purpose of African National Congress was to end apartheid government in South Africa. The apartheid government had an extreme policy towards the Black population of South Africa. (Powell, Stewart; U.S News & Report 9th, 1987 February pg. 12) The government was ruling the country where there was segregation was very common in every part of South Africa. The rights of African people were ignored and unprotected. Oliver wanted to bring a government of African people where Black and White people could live together. According to the example the author writes, "At the international level, the ANC is clearly viewed as the leader of the opposition to apartheid and the organization that will be key negotiating partner with the government for ending apartheid." (Tambo, Oliver:The struggle Against Apartheid 1991 pg. 1) The A.N.C was the most likely group to achieve the goal of ending apartheid in entire world. He was fighting against apartheid government in South Africa.

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