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            Kareem became a legend in the sport of basketball. Kareem has set a lot of goals and accomplishments during his childhood, high school, college, and professional career. He had parents that emphasized his education. His original love was not for basketball.
             Kareem began life as a large baby, weighing thirteen pounds and was twenty-two and a half inches long. He was born in New York City, New York on April 16, 1947. Al and Cora his parents named him Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr. at birth and Lew later changed his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for his acceptance of his Muslim faith. He was from a family that instilled high family ethics and values. When he was three they moved to Dyckman Housing Project in Manhattan.
             Kareem went to St. Judes School until fourth grade. Then his parents made the decision to send him off to boarding school at Holy Providence in Philadelphia. After only one year there, his parents made the decision to bring him back to their home and he returned to St. Judes School. The first time Kareem wore the number 33 on his jersey was in the seventh grade and he kept that same number until the day he retired. During his education at St. Judes School he was 5'8" tall and was the second tallest student in the entire school, which went through the eighth grade. Kareem's initial interest was in baseball and music especially Jazz. He was the pitcher for the Junior high school baseball team. Kareem earned three All-American Selections while he went to Power Memorial High School. In tenth grade Lew was the star center at Power Memorial High School and averaged twenty-six points and eighteen rebounds per game. Kareem's 2,067 points and 2,002 rebounds set an all time city record, which still has not been broken.
             Kareem's first college to go to was UCLA in California. He led UCLA on a streak of seven consecutive championship teams. His coach at UCLA was Coach Wooden. During his sophomore year, his team was undefeated entering the Final Four for a record of 71-1.

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