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Michael Jordan

             Michael Jordan's historic career is over; but there is no question in my mind that he is the greatest player ever. Some would say Wilt Chamberlain, or Magic Johnson, or even Kareem Abdul Jabbar were the greatest. Michael may not have ever led the league in assists or rebounds, but, it was how he played the game that makes him the greatest. He had one of the best work ethics of any player in the NBA, even at age forty playing for a losing team. He is the all time leader in many statistics but most important is the career scoring average of 30.2 points per game. When he first came in to the NBA he was basically just an acrobatic scorer, and people said that he couldn't win the big games. Peoples outlook would soon change and he went on to win six NBA Championships and six finals Most Valuable Player awards. This, and many other reasons, is why I know that Michael Jordan is and always will be the best player to ever step onto an NBA basketball court. .
             Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York, after his dad finished schooling, about a year later his family moved to moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. Michael played both baseball and basketball during his youth, but the surprising thing is that he was better at baseball than he was at basketball. When he was a teen he won the Mr. Baseball award for the whole state of North Carolina. Mr. Baseball is awarded to the best player in the state. Jordan tried out for the Varsity Basketball team as a freshman. He eventually got cut and that made him work even harder. That work paid off and he started the other three years. In November of 1980 he announced that he was going to the University of North Carolina to be coached by Dean Smith. He was drafted as the number 3 pick by the Chicago Bulls.
             People may think that we put too much on the fact that Jordan transcended the game, I think not. You can compare his charisma to Muhammad Ali in boxing, except Jordan was less threatening and kids were more likely to look up to Jordan.

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