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Michael Jordan

            When you think of the greatest basketball player in the history of the National Basketball League it goes without saying that Michael Jordan would be the top prospect. No other player has accomplished as much as Michael in such a short period of time. No other player has been able to face the double and even triple teaming from various opponents night after night and still succeed in achieving the greatness that he did. No other player has managed to come back from not one retirement and dominate the game of basketball, but two.
             Michael Jeffrey Jordan was born February 17, 1963, in Brooklyn, New York. His family decided to move to Wilmington, North Carolina when he was just a toddler. Jordan was the fourth of five children his siblings include two older brothers as well as an older and younger sister. (Shoulder 9) As a child, Jordan's athletic abilities began to surface as he participated in various sports including basketball, baseball, and football. (Adams 9) His preferred sport as an adolescent was baseball but once he began to spend an increasing amount of time on the basketball court, his outlook also began to change. (Shoulder 11) Michael's older and taller brother, Larry, continuously would beat him when they played one-on-one. This inspired Michael to become a better player. Michael tried to acquire his brothers' skills and techniques so that he would someday become the winner. (Shoulder 12) Jordan is quick to admit he learned his best moves from his older brother. "When you see me play you see Larry play,"" Jordan says. (Adams 9).
             During Michael's sophomore year at Laney High School he was cut from the varsity basketball team and instead had to settle for a spot on the junior varsity team. Michael was very disappointed and almost quit basketball all together because he did not believe in playing a sport he was not able to excel in. (Adams 11) Jordan pushed himself all season long working hard on his skills scoring an amazing 28 points per game for the junior varsity team.

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