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Michael Jordan

            The dictionary definition of the word success is "achievement of something intended or desired; attaining wealth, fame, or prosperity." To me, Michael Jordan is a success not only on the court but off the court as well. There is more to the name Michael Jordan than just the greatest basketball player to ever live. Growing up, Michael Jordan set goals for himself. He pushed himself to work as hard as he possibly could at achieving them. For Michael, all the hard work paid off.
             Mr. Jordan didn't always have things come so easily to him. He earned his way to the top from the very bottom. While entering high school, Michael dreamed of playing on the basketball team. He envisioned himself dominating high school basketball, moving on and playing college ball, and then one day going off to the NBA. Jordan thought making the high school team would easy but that is where he experienced his first dose of reality. After trying out for the team his freshman year, he found himself going home at the end of tryouts with the other kids that got cut. Yes, the great Michael Jordan got cut from his high school basketball team. However that didn't set Michael back too far. Instead of quitting and giving up right away, he used what happened as motivation. He started practicing everyday, even skipping some classes to go to the gym and practice. His effort paid off when he made the team the next season. This ambitious man went on to have a very successful high school basketball career. He is proof that even the greatest of greats experience a set back every once in a while.
             Michael moved out of Brooklyn after high school and attended the University of North Carolina. He played three seasons at UNC where he led the Tar Heels to an NCAA Championship his freshman year in 1982. He was named ACC Rookie of the Year that year as well. In college he was also voted Consensus College player of the year in 1984 and College Player of the Year by TSN in 1983 and 1984 (Air Jordan).

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