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Affirmative Action

            In our activity on college admissions during class we had a difficult time finding criteria by which to judge potential.
             applicants. We eventually decided GPA, high school information, and SAT score would be the most important criteria. We all .
             ended up choosing applicants two, four, six, and seven. Comparing this with the point system used by the University of .
             Michigan we ended up choosing applicants two, four, six, and eight. This is interesting because it is almost the same applicants .
             we chose in the first stage. I feel our group did a good job in the first stage. I must admit, we managed to come up with a .
             diverse group of students without even taking race or gender into account.
             The Affirmative Action Debate is one of the strongest that still rages today. This is especially true with regard to college .
             admissions. This may be because many people see college and college students as the next generation of this nation's leaders. .
             Therefore it is extremely important to them who is accepted into colleges. I am in favor of Affirmative Action as it applies to .
             college admissions. This is because I do not believe this country is truly a meritocracy as many people claim. Rewards in this .
             country are based on resources many groups do not have access to. Whites still benefit from past and present discrimination,.
             despite many claiming that discrimination does not exist anymore. I also believe minorities in postitions they might not have .
             otherwise had access to can serve as role models for others.
             As was mentioned in Henslin Chapter seven, inequality is built into the very social system of America. He referred to .
             this as structural inequality (Henslin, 2002: 45). A child born to a janitor has a much smaller chance than a child born to a CEO.
             of a major corporation. This is contrary to the belief in a meritocracy because we see that right away some people are born .
             with an inherent advantage while others are born with a disadvantage.

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