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Romeo and Juliet Roll of Fait

            Fate's greatest story of love, loss, scandal, and death took place in our town of Verona. Romeo, the hansom son of Lord Montague and Juliet, the fair daughter of Lord Capulet, both kin of the well-known feuding families, are responsible for such a tale. Love brought the two unfortunate souls together and in addition was the cause of their untimely death. Fait did not play some simple part in this story of two star-crossed lovers torn apart. This story is just a small sample of the power and unstoppable force of Fate. .
             First, we could not have a tale of love loss with out love. Romeo was accidentally invited to the Capulets" masquerade were he fell in love with Juliet at first sight. Though not at first sight, it took remotely the same amount of time for her to fall in love with him. Rarely, if ever, could one find a case in which theirs and their lover's families, who wish death upon each other another, would ever approve of their sons and daughters falling in love and getting married. This already is a fine example of how Fate will be an underlying burden to their lives.
             Second, we could not have a tale of love loss with out the loss either. There is no way that no one would notice a Montague at a Capulet party, Tybalt noticed one, Romeo to be exact. Infuriated that Romeo would set foot in the Capulet home, he sough him out, where he met his fate and was slain by Romeo. None the less Romeo, as most know, was banished from Verona. Torn apart from your lover who should be your greatest enemy not only for being the opposition of the feud but also for killing your cousin. Also, how is this supposed to work out in ones favor? It is not, and this is not even where Fate stops to try to keep the two from being together. .
             In addition, no great tale of woe goes with out a scandal this one is no different. The two were secretly wed the day after they met, with the nurses and friars help. Then later that week Juliet found that she was to be wed to County Paris.

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