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Differences and Similarities in Romeo And Juliet

            Romeo And Juliet is a brilliantly written tragic drama written by William Shakespeare in about 1594. This oftenly pirated play of the time was carefully written about two young "Star-Crossed" lovers Romeo Montague(17) and Juliet Capulet(13) who fatally fall in love in the midst of a century old feud between the two very prominent and powerful rival families at the time who were known as The Montagues and The Capulets. What makes this story so interesting is the two main points of similarities, along with the two main points of differences between the handsome Romeo and his beautiful lover Juliet. The two noticeable differences between their rolls include how each of them interact with their parents throughout the play, and how this could possibly affect how Romeo fulfills this exaggerated image of an obvious dynamic character, while Juliet ceased to always remain as a polarly static character. In contrast to that idea, they also share many similarities that include each rolls persistence with one another and constant impulsiveness throughout the story.
             The first major point in Romeo and Juliet's differences to one another include how each roll interacts with their parents. Romeo on one hand, never really speaks to his parents and for the most part seems to keep to himself. The line that best describes his overall interests in parent involvement became stated clearly early in the story when Lord Montague explains to Romeo's friend Benvolio that "Both I and our friends have tried to speak with him. But he insists on sharing his thoughts with only himself, although I don't know how good the advice he's giving himself is" (I.i.136-140). This shows how Romeo never really gave the effort to explain thoroughly to his parents what his feelings were at times, and what decisions where the correct ones to make at key moments throughout the story. This although does allow Romeo the freedom to continue on with his dramatically emotion led journey without any further complications.

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