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Twelfth Night - A possible approach!

             Shakespeare a writer known almost everywhere someone who is talked about all the time. Most Schools teach his work most drama groups perform his work and you wonder is Shakespeare's work that brilliant. Many people carry around great expectations of how his masterpieces must be absolutely the best there is in its field and without having been in contact with any of his many works might later be really disappointed. This is where I pop into the conversation. I have only seen the movie Romeo and Juliet and observed Hamlet but yet to all my surprise it did not make me go wow that's the best I have seen ever. Depending on how a person's taste is oriented or how the performance is understood it would change the perspective completely. My personal expectations were probably looking at a masterpiece something that would just blow me off my chair and stay as a memory forever.
             b) The set and during the play.
             The set was great during the play because it included many entries and exits and many scenes could be played around the set. The sets focal point was the town center where most of the activity of play was engaged from. I think the set was great whilst the snowing scenes when the majority of the cast was performing and the whole scene came alive. .
             c) Importance of a set.
             I think that sets are a must for a performance because it gives the audience more to look at when ever the play might get boring and also it gives the play a special touch. I personally love plays that include a set but don't really mind if there are no sets present at all. I don't think the play would have worked so perfectly if the set was a minimal one and not as extraordinary as the one present. .
             d) Overall + costumes.
             The costumes where also a great selection which created a winter feeling and the style showed that the play was set a while before. The costumes created the feeling towards the play and would also be a must. If there is no set and no costumes I don't really enjoy it as much as when they are present.

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