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            To be abstinent requires a strong willed person, who believes strongly in their faith, and is willing to make sacrifices to follow their faith. Abstinence means to refrain from sexual contact of any sort, including: genital intercourse, oral sex, anal sex, dry sex (a.k.a. grinding or outer course), mutual masturbation, or any other physically intimate activity done for the purpose of sexual gratification. Both partners are not totally ready to have intercourse until they are totally devoted to each other; they show that by becoming married. .
             Teenagers and adolescents should be encouraged to delay their sexual activities until they are emotionally, physically, and cognitively ready for mature sexual relationships with their partners. Which means they should postpone sex until they are married. .
             There are many benefits of abstinence, such as more self respect, chance to get to know one another more intimately, knowledge that you are not being used as an object for sex, less of a chance of getting a divorce, and a greater trust in your partner that he/she will not cheat on you, there are less worries regarding Aids, STD's, pregnancy, birth control, emotional betrayal, etc. Also there is a sense of peace of mind and joy in the knowledge that you followed your faith in your life. Every year documents of 12 million new cases of STDs are reported, three million of them are teenagers. Another thing is that AIDs, which is a sexually transmitted disease, is the second leading killer of people.
             Have you ever thought that if the world had no sex outside of marriage, how different the world would be? There would be less STD's, less rapes, less pornography, less incest, less teen pregnancy, and less divorces. Yeah sure there is protection against STD's; such as condoms, birth control, pills, and natural techniques, but they not 100% guarantee, is it worth the risk to you? The reason why there would be less STD's is if everyone only has one partner, there would be nothing to catch.

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