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Sex Education In Schools

             Why is it that some parents take their children out of sex education classes? Is it because the parents are afraid of what their child may learn? In school, children learn about math, english, and history. So why not let children be informed about sex education in public schools. Children should take sex education class that is given to them. Parents should be open to any education that their child can receive. .
             Sex education classes in high school teach teens about STD"S, pregnancy, AIDS, abstinence and stages in human characteristics. All of these topics and many others are a big part of the American society. All young men and women need to be informed about such things to protect them selves in the future. How is a parent at home going to be able to teach their children about STD's, AIDS, and the human body without being a professional teacher? When teaching a teenager about such things as AIDS and sex, the person needs to have good knowledge that is very thorough so the teenager will understand it. Some high school teachers is going to be well more informed about STD"S and AIDS than most parents at home. .
             I have a strong belief that children need to be informed about themselves. Parents taking their children out of sex education classes are only depriving them of the education that they need. Sex education is very important to a teenagers future and whether or not they contract an STD, get the AIDS virus or a teenage girl becomes pregnant. All of these factors will help make the lives of many teenagers lives better.
             From my four trimesters of health (sex education), I learned a lot about my own body and all of the harmful things that are out there. In the 6th grade, the boys and girls were separated, and taught in different rooms. The girls and I learned about how are bodies were going to go through some changes. We also learned how boys and girls are very different body wise. I feel that all of my health classes benefited to my knowledge of health education.

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