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Epic Heroes

             The authors of the magnificent Iliad and Crito wrote what is a reflection of the Greek society at that time. Achilles and Socrates both are a reflection of the Greek man in that period. Honor, pride, and personal values were the characteristics of a man. Homer and Plato reflected this in different ways in their respective epics, for example the Iliad is about warfare, and Crito is about personal values and convictions, standing up for what you believe to be true, a God given right. .
             Honor was a common characteristic of men in that period. It moved Achilles to a state of anger over the death of his best friend Patroclus; his honor and pride would not allow him to leave the death of Patroclus unavenged. He was out to avenge the death of his best friend who was killed in the battle of Troy by Hector. Achilles had emotional qualities of those of a mortal being, although his mother was a Goddess and he was half man half God. He experienced feelings of love, anger, rage and grief. The Greek culture at the time was at a heroic age, Achilles portrayed himself as a hero by defeating Hector and his army, and he brought glory to his tribe and himself. In order to do virtue and excellence he must take heroic action and so he did, this idea is central in the Iliad. The Greek society was dominated by males, and those qualities portrayed the general idea of society at the time. Honor remains one of Achilles's most noted characteristics, after winning the battle, Priam King of Troy comes to request the corpse of his slain son Hector, Achilles graciously grants his request and later invites King Priam to join him for dinner. .
             Honor is also reflected in Plato's Crito, although it is shed under a different light. Plato tells the story of his mentor Socrates, and how he refused to flee from prison in response to Plato's offer. His reasons for remaining in prison were his solid belief in the right of free inquiry, continuously pushing the fold of the envelope.

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