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Analysis of an Argument

             It was stated by the Director of Safety and Security Services that according to research over the last six years, wearing photo badges by employees prevented theft. He based his conclusion on the research material collected from ten businesses, which had been his clients over that time. He decided to recommend to his future clients the practice of wearing photo badges at work as an effective theft prevention practice.
             The reasoning used in the argument above focuses on one only aspect of a security system - photo identification badges. A typical security system however comprises several complex components such as technology, processes, practices as well as people. All of those variables contribute to its effectiveness which, as in the example of interest, could be reflected in reduction of theft. .
             Technology includes monitoring systems, security cameras, badge readers, computer software and networks. Processes embrace ways of organizing human and technical resources in order to achieve the security and safety goals. Observed or recommended practices tell us how a system is or could be actually utilized. The key component of people with all their psychology who are subjected to a security system, pours live in its previously layed out skeleton and ultimately determines its effectiveness. The most amazing stories have been heard about breaking sophisticated security systems. On the other hand, the majority of mankind is made up of genuinly honest people, who simply do not steal. .
             Another set of factors contributing to the effectiveness of a business's security system pertains to the nature of that business itself. Simplifying the issue, some businesses may be generally less vulnerable to theft than others. A lucrative diamond plant is probably somewhat attractive to most of us and immediately associates with trouble, when a dog food factory presents an inviting territory only for those who can afford dogs, but not the food.

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