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Armed Interventions in Troubled Countries

            Many people in different organizations working for the same cause, PEACE feel different about the armed interventions. Problems are very similar even though the conflict and the country might be different. Throughout the years countries have tried to work together through their state departments, but it was not really so sufficient and it was taking to much time to get all the people from all these countries to get together and help each other or another country that is in trouble. After all of the wars that the world had been going through few men at the time had decided that an institution had to be built to get all of the nations at one level so they can communicate through their channels more efficiently. During this time an institution named United Nations was created, in 1945 I believe in the San Francisco Bay Area. This International Organization was responsible to have all of the representing countries inside so they could work better and much faster. Two of the major bodies of the United Nations are Security Council and General Assembly. The Security Council passes military laws and regulations, such as: interventions with force or send peace keeping forces or just act as intermediate between the two groups that are in conflict. .
             Mostly the United Nations works with the humanitarian aid programs that helps nations cope with natural disasters war torn countries and poor and developing countries. But even though this organization is supposed to be UNITED, there are many issues that they do not agree upon, because they have different interests, they sometimes tend to be separated by these issues. The most common issue is the intervention with armed forces. It seems like everyone in the security council have opinions and long time allies which they do not wish to break the connection with. And this sometimes causes problems of reaching the decision that will help the people of where the conflict is.

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