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Analysis of Greasy Lake

             Coraghessan Boyle the three boys become young men on the third, boring night of their summer vacation when they go to the muddy and shiny lake where they are overwhelmed by the barriers they must overcome. The unforeseen conflict leads the three boys to see reality. One knows that the transformation from adolescence to adulthood may be a bit overwhelming due to the responsibilities that go with adulthood. The narrator and his two friends, Jeff and Digby, come across a terrible obstacle at the Greasy Lake when they are approached by a bad greasy character. In this story, the main character experiences an epiphany, a moment of insight by which his view of life is greatly changed.
             Thinking that life is like a "box of cherries" is not always the best way to view life in respect to the problems and decisions that must be faced by man, but at the beginning of this story, that seems to be the way these three teenagers see life. The three nineteen-year-old boys consider they are "bad" and "didn"t give a shit about anything" (129). It is ironic because the narrator is driving his mom's Bel-Air, while Jeff is not sure what he plans to do with his life, and Digby's parents are paying for his tuition to college. The way the boys are dependent on others would there be no way that I would consider them to be adults. On this bad night the youngsters are going to the lake to have a good time, "drinking a little alcohol, smoking a little pot, and maybe even seeing some girls take off their clothes" (129). What nineteen- year old would pass up this chance? On the way to the lake Digby is wildly pounding the dashboard, and Jeff is hanging his head out the window to throw up the alcohol he had drunk. When the boys pull in to the lake they see a car that resembles Tony Lovett's car, so the immature boys decide they are going to act as if they are a cop by flashing their lights and honking the horn not knowing that they are soon to realize what life is all about.

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