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Greasy Lake

            Just because you "look bad" wear torn-up leather jackets, slouch around with toothpicks in your mouth; sniff glue, ether and what somebody claimed was cocaine, doesn't actually make you a bad character. This means you are just putting on an act, a front, just pretending to somebody and something you"re just not cut out to be. In this case the main characters in Greasy Lake had to find that out the hard way. Looks can be deceiving as was the case in the narrator and his friends. They talked the talk looked the part and had the attitude of bad characters but they were missing one thing the heart of a bad character and they would find out very soon that is the main framework of a bad character and in having that they would get into trouble fast and often. .
             Bad characters usually look for fights and altercations even though in this instance they did look for trouble but it was indirectly. The three thought they spotted a friends car named Tony but they were very mistaken. They thought it would be all fun and games, they thought they were playing a prank on a friend just as the narrator stated "And then we could slap backs with red-faced Tony, roughhouse a little, and go on to new heights of adventure and daring."(130) But the owner of the car does not find their joke funny at all he beats the hell out of all three of them. Tell me how can one bad character wearing "greasy jeans and engineer boots" beat up three bad characters. If they truly were as bad as the profess to be how come they didn't beat the hell out of the guy; because they are punks scared little schoolgirls that talk a lot of trash and never back it up. Even after he and his friends have been beaten up and embarrassed the narrator still believes he is a bad character "I went for the tire iron under the drivers seat because this is what bad characters do."(131) This is exactly what scared, sissy, punk ass yellow belly coward does he brags about something stupid things like hitting someone with a tire iron while two of your friends gang up on him.

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