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JFK Assasination

             Who was compelled and carried out the killing of former President John F. Kennedy? Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone, or was there more than one person involved in the assassination? Although there have been many theories, I believe that the tragic murder of Kennedy was a conspiracy that not only involved Oswald, but also involved numerous intellectuals; all with the same motive. Several theories include that the Warren Commission enticed the public to view that Oswald was the only assassin, that one bullet hit the President and Texas governor, John Connally, and that there were two people who fired off shots.
             The Warren Commission was a government, within a government of the United States. It was oddly formed by Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson who appointed Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren, Congressman Gerald R. Ford, and former CIA head Allen W. Dulles, who had been fired by President Kennedy. The commission attempted to protect the Vice Presidents interest in that it took the speculation off him so that he wouldn't loose votes for the next term of elections. In Ray Pratt's Projecting Paranoia it states the guidelines the commission needed to use in order to protect the national interest as well as their own interest. "The public must be satisfied that Oswald was the assassin; that he did not have confederates who are still at large; and that the evidence was such that he would have been convicted at trial." The commission's task was clear: reassure the public. To me this is all a conspiracy within a conspiracy given the people involved, their relations to the President, and their motive to cover their plan up.
             As President Kennedy and his wife, Governor John Connally and his wife, all rode in the same limousine driven by two CIA officials, shots were fired. Kennedy was .
             struck by what was later called the "magic bullet" in the back of his neck. The bullet was conceived to be magical because not only did it go through Kennedy's neck, it smashed into Connally's back, through his chest and right wrist, and turned while in flight to hit his left thigh.

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