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JFK Assasination + Coverup

            It was generally believed that the assassination of President Kennedy on Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dallas Texas was the action of the one alleged assassinator, Lee Harvey Oswald. However there appears to be sufficient evidence to suggest that Lee Harvey Oswald was in fact a scapegoat hiding the real perpetrators. It is an extreme unlikelihood that Lee Harvey Oswald could have assassinated Kennedy. There were certain elements, which has lead people to assume that Kennedy's death was a well-planned governmental and criminal conspiracy. There is also a believed to have been a cover up of the real evidence, certain factors proves so too. .
             There are many facts and assumptions that are supported by on-the-scene eyewitnesses, past witnesses of ties between certain parties, and expert witness accounts. .
             In this essay it would first discuss the above points and justify that the assassination was not the work of just one man, Lee Harvey Oswald. It is also going to explain why Oswald himself cannot be the assassin. .
             Lee Harvey Oswald was a high school dropout in 1956; he left to join the marines. During the marines he got good grades for most of his activities but according to marine records Oswald was a not a competent marksman. He almost flunked in that specific area. With Oswald's poor marksmanship, it is highly unlikely he would be able to aim, shoot and reload three times in less than 6 seconds and shooting Kennedy in the neck and fatally killing him with an impact bullet on the head. His Marine Corps colleague Nelson Delgado supported the fact that Oswald was a poor marksman. Delgado said that when it came to shooting a rifle on the range he was terrible and Oswald had difficulties meeting minimal standards for qualifying. He testified, "It was a pretty big joke, because he had lots of misses, but he did not give a damn." .
             There have been several attempts to duplicate Oswald's marksmanship.

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