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JFK's Effect on American Literature

             The murder of a single man has lead to a cycle involving the sorrow of an entire nation, government secrecy and thousands of works of literature. The initial impact of the assassination of John F. Kennedy lead to numerous works of poetry and artwork. The federal government's possible coverup lead to conspiracy theories which resulted in books, editorials and the creation of two government agencies.
             John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the 35th president of the united states. He became the youngest man ever elected and the only Catholic. John was the second of nine children. He spent most of his childhood sick and reading in bed. His father was one of the richest men in the country. As a result, the family wasn"t affected by the Great Depression (Mills). Kennedy was a careless student until his senior year at Harvard when he became concerned with World War II in 1940. His senior essay became a best seller called Why England Slept. It explained why England was not prepared for war. .
             John enlisted in the navy in 1941 and gained control of a PT boat. His small, quick craft was rammed by a Japanese destroyer and Kennedy's back was badly injured. Despite his injuries he helped save several of his crew members, including a man he saved using only his teeth (Mills). .
             Urged by his father to run for congress, Kennedy was elected to three terms as democratic representative for Massachusetts. He worked diligently for many social programs including public housing. In 1952 he successfully ran for Senate and married Jacqueline Lee Bouvier the next year. She was the daughter of a wealthy family from Rhode Island (Mills). .
             In 1954 John went through two life-threatening operations on his back. While recovering, he wrote a book which would go on to earn him a Pulitzer Prize. The book, Profiles in Courage, is a study of several prominent American political leaders. Kennedy was reelected as senator again in 1958 after almost winning a nomination for vice-president in 1956.

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