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Algebra III

            Algebra III is a continuation of the algebraic concepts from Algebra II. In Algebra III students strengthen their algebra skills learned in Algebra II and better their understanding of algebra, geometry and trigonometry. This class better and fully prepares students for calculus and trigonometry classes they may wish to take in the future, such as Pre - Calculus, Calculus, Psychics, etc. Algebra II covers several but not all concepts of advanced algebra needed to continue to higher level math classes and in order for a student to fully understand all concepts of algebra, they must be required to take a step further in algebraic math, other than the basic Algebra and Algebra II classes, before advancing to higher levels of math. Students must be required to take Algebra III in order for them to graduate on to Pre - Cal, Calculus, Psychics, etc., and out of high school.
             Algebra III continues to teach the remaining concepts of algebra not taught completely in Algebra II and reviews the already learned basic concepts taught in early algebra classes. Let's be honest, most students don't remember the majority of the concepts taught in their classes. Therefore, it's better to review and refresh the students" minds. Algebra III gives the students a chance to do this and also gives them the chance to practice before graduating on to higher and more involved math. "Practice makes perfect," right? .
             If a student does not continue on to an Algebra III class, the student may become lost and confused. Without taking an additional algebra class other than the basic Algebra classes, such as Algebra III, the student may not have the opportunity to obtain all concepts of algebra and will not be fully aware of the concepts taught in classes such as Pre - Calculus, Calculus and Psychics, etc., because they would not have learned all concepts of Algebra. In addition, with extended and continuous learning of algebraic concepts, students" grades are bound to improve as they continue through higher levels of math.

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