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Acura Nsx article Summary

             The article I have chosen to summarize is titled, "Driving Impression: Acura NSX One For The Road." Words and Photography are both by Keith Buglewicz. At first the selection starts with a humorous take on the feature cars color, "Long beach blue". Mentioning the cars lengthy 12 year history in the Honda lineup along with its $85,000 (u.s.) price tag helps show how the super car is not for those unsure of their ability to enter into the world of automobile luxury. The heritage of the car then becomes the focus. Starting with the cars debut in 91"as a 270 hp 3.0l V-6 beast, up to its refinement of 290 hp and 3.2 L in 1997. .
             Although some may say the NSX lacks the character of a Porsche or Ferrari. "If character is defined as a transmission that's hard to shift, and engine that balks under 4000 rpm, or a suspension so stiff that it requires kidney belts to drive, were happy the NSX was devoid of those character traits," says Buglewicz. Then the article quickly turns to the downside of the NSX's age, a few very apparent anachronisms. Pop up headlights that were only removed in the 2002 model, the lack of a standard CD player and remote entry all which should be expected in a car that costs more that an average house. According to the writer so what? Although it's capable of being a cross-town commuter, the point of this car is to drive.
             That's where the shoptalk comes in such as the v-Tec system found in most Honda's, variable volume induction systems, titanium rods etc. Then near the closing Keith sums the point of the article up nicely" If your in the market for an NSX- and you"re a lucky *&%#$@! If you are- take note: this is not a car for beginners." Basically by civilizing the exotic Acura has forced other manufacturers to refine their own offerings. The world of exotics has been so tamed over the past decade, due in no small part to the fact the NSX proved you could really have the best of both worlds, as long as you know what your doing.

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