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JDM honda Parts

            ECU reprogramming for US & JDM 89-95 Honda/Acura ecu's ::::.
             We offer ecu reprogramming to a variety of 89-95 Honda/Acura ecu's only; mainly Civic/ Integra/ and 92-95/Prelude DOHC VTEC ecu's. I can customize VTEC and redline points depending on which program you choose, and which ecu you actually own. See our menu for a list of programs we have available.
             - A normal ecu upgrade consists of reprogramming your existing ecu which is $160 and includes shipping fees back to you.
             - We have an optional choice for 92-95/OBD1 ecu's which is adding a jumper-switch that allows you to switch from chipped mode, back to stock mode. This upgrade is $175 and includes shipping fees also.
             - We also provide non-vtec-to-vtec ecu conversions for OBD1 ecu's only. This OBD1 ecu upgrade can only be performed on specific OBD1 non-vtec ecu's only. Please contact Katman for more info on this. This upgrade is $200 and includes shipping fees.
             :::: WE CANNOT REPROGRAM 96-01 ECU'S, AT ALL ::::.
             BUT!!!! If you own a U.S. 99-01 OBD2 ecu with an immobilizer; We do provide immobilizer removal if you're interested. Email Katman/me for more info on this.
             :::: ECU Jumper ::::.
             We offer ecu jumpers for specific Honda/Acura vehicles. An ecu jumper allows you to adapt a different year'd ecu into your vehicle. For example, it will allow you to adapt and operate a 92-95 ecu into a 96-98 civic chassis (depending on your engine setup). We also carry optional ecu jumpers which have integrated VAFC and SFC wiring. This makes it a plug n' play application if you own either an Apexi VAFC or Feilds SFC vtec/fuel controller.
             Why run an ecu jumper?.
             A good example would be: Some people who own a 96-01/OBD2 civic or integra, eventually want to have their ecu reprogrammed for whatever reasons. OBD2 ecu's are very difficult to reprogram. There is virtually no one in the US who can reprogram an OBD2 ecu for a decent price. Of course in Japan, you can get OBD2 ecu's reprogrammed all day long, but we don't live there now do we? =D.

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