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A Merchants Role in Society

             A merchant's role in society is to supply goods for the demands of the growing population. As a merchant in society you will provide an economical stance for the growing population in which you serve as well. Because you play such an important role in the economical value of your society there will be certain laws you must abide by in order to insure wealth for your king and significant others that may be part of a social hierarchy. You will also be a magnet to foreign merchants looking to engage in trade and dwell in the realm of your land as you would theirs.
             Rewards and Problems in Life as a Merchant.
             As a merchant work would require you to travel from place to place. Besides the laborious chores of traveling it may also be a strenuous task to trade with other merchants in foreign lands, simply because it is illegal to exchange money or bullion for goods. You must use ancient trading rituals such as exchanging wool, cheese or services for goods you wish to sell for profit out side of your country.
             In some cases vendors will be willing to act against these laws, however it is not suggested. The repercussions for actions such as these consist of a beating and imprisonment for both the offender and the recipient. In the past there have been attempts to address the problem to the Parliament, however the attempts are often proven unsuccessful. .
             Even though there are many complicated tasks to over come there is an up side to every situation. As a merchant it is wise to create a co-operative organization with other neighboring merchants. By doing this you will be able to then govern your own incorporation if you devise the charter of incorporation in which would make the task easier for yourself. If the king allows this you and those in your organization will benefit from different profits since you will have to pay taxes to the king and he will in return, fund your markets.
             Some benefits to this situation are things such as: if a member were to lose his goods the association, funded by the king and other merchant's profit, the association would be able to help him restart his business.

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