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Christianity Vs. Islam

            Every religion has its own point of view on the role that merchants and tradesmen play in society and within the boundaries of the religion itself. The religious role is based on the honesty of the job and whether or not it has merit enough to get a person into heaven. The attitude of Christianity towards merchants and tradesmen has changed over time from it being a terrible way to make a living that will never get you into heaven to the theory that a merchant or tradesman who is fair and works with the intent of fulfilling gods will shall be admitted into heaven; where as The Islamic views began to decline, starting with a truthful merchant will be recognized with the rank of a martyr and forming into a merchant showing a weakness of virtues.
             When Christianity and Islam commenced, the Christian views on a merchant were not very high in comparison to Islamic views, which believed in the integrity of a merchant getting him into heaven. It is quoted in document one from the Christian bible that "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God". This document infers that all merchants are rich and portrays the image of a wastrel who is not living by the strict code of god and therefore is not entering into the sacred gates of heaven. On the other hand, the Islamic people were more lenient with their views on merchants. As document two, which is from the Muslim Qur"an, suggests the Muslims believed that only the merchant who cheated his fellow people would be cursed in the eyes of god. "If the two parties speak the truth and make it manifest, their transaction shall be blessed, and if they conceal and tell a lie, the blessing of their transaction shall be obliterated." Neither the Muslims nor the Christians publicly or physically punished the merchants or tradesmen. They both believed the punishment would come in due time and justice would be served on the day of judgment underneath the eyes of god.

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