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Islam Vs. Christianity

             A comparison of Doctrines, Rituals, and Practices.
             This paper offers a view of the differences between Islamic and Christian faiths. It is a brief introduction to the doctrines, rituals, and practices of the two religions, and how they differ from one another. As a basic comparison, it can be said that the differences between the two religions can be traced back to their origin and their respective leaders, Jesus Christ for the Christian faith and Muhammad for the Islamic faith.
             Christianity is based on the belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that he descended to earth to redeem people of their sins. Jesus is viewed as a divine savior who sacrificed himself in place of those who followed and believed in him. This sacrifice is said to give followers of Christ eternal life. Christians view Jesus as the savior, and feel that through their belief in him, they will be granted access to Heaven.
             Muslims consider Muhammad to be the father of their religion. They believe Muhammad was a prophet who received the word of God from Gabriel, and do not view him as divine. Muslims are divided on their lineage after the death of Muhammad. Some Muslims (Shiites) believe that his daughter Fatima and her husband Ali, along with their two sons, Hasan and Husayn are the rightful successors of Muhammad. The majority of Muslims (Sunnis) believe that the lineage passed to the close companions of Muhammad, Abu Bakr, Umar, and Uthman, who were elected as the first caliphs. Beyond these twodifferent beliefs, all Muslims follow similar doctrines and rituals. (Fisher, 360).
             Muslims believe in the concept of one God (Allah) who has no parents, children, descendents of any other equal. Although they may refer to God by several names, the belief is centered on just one all-powerful, merciful, and gracious God. Christians believe in a concept of trinity, or three Gods merged into one. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit make up the Trinity with Jesus Christ believed to be the Son of God.

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