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Islam vs christianity

            Many believe that Christians and Muslims recognize the same God. The truth, however, is that the essence of the two Gods are not alike. Every Muslim rejects the God of the New Testament or he blasphemes Allah. Every Christian must reject the essence of Allah or he condemns his personal relationship with God. Christians believe that God is three gods merged into one God. This one God is called a Trinity. Christians believe that Christ gave His Holy Spirit to each of us, so that it would direct us to know God as our savior. This is the central doctrine that causes problems for Muslims when they consider Christianity. By believing in the Trinity, Muslims say, Christians believe in three god, and this is blasphemy of the highest order in the Muslim faith. .
             To Muslims, God is one God in the most basic, simple, and plain meaning of the word. In Islam, God is given the name "Allah." Like Christians, Muslims believe that God has spoken through messengers and prophets. Muhammad was the last and greatest prophet of Islam. According to Islam faith, Muslims believe that Allah exposed his final revelation to through Muhammad. Muhammad was a human being but performed a number of miracles during his lifetime by the will of God. .
             In conclusion, the heart of Christianity is the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is believed that Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament prophecy of the Messiah. He was conceived by Virgin Mary through the Holy Spirit and was meant to save us our sins. The heart of Islam is not a person but the revelations, called Qur"an. Islam teaches that a pure belief in One God is inherent in human beings and thus fulfills the natural inclination of the soul. The most important truth that God revealed to mankind is that there is nothing divine or worthy of being worshipped except for Almighty God, thus all human beings should submit to Him. To be a Muslim means to submit to the will of God, regardless of one's race, nationality or ethnic background.

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