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Differences in Two Major Religons

             If two people came up to you and asked you be part of their religion but both of them were different religions, which one would you choose? Im talking about the world's two largest practiced religions, Christianity and Islam, Islam and Christianity are very similar religions, but yet have their differences. Both religions coming from the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Ismail, have many similar and many differences in practices and rituals. The Christians were led by Isaac, while the Islam was led by the other son, Ismail. In this paper, I will point out the similarities and differences in the two religions. There will be the historical foundations and leadership from both religions, the belief systems, the practices and rituals, and the impact they both have had on society.
             Christianity was created somewhere along the line of 30CE, this religion was essentially a group of Jews who thought that Jesus was indeed the messiah, or the son of God. This is very much like the Islam, created in 622 CE, and also had an all-powerful person like the Christians, this was the messiah of the Muslims, Muhammed. Unlike the Christians where there is a Holy Trinity that consists of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but all the same person, the Islam believes in one god, Allah, and his prophet, Muhammed. This is the only difference in the two messiahs, other then that they both spoke the word of God and wrote it down in scriptures which later were soon to become the text that anyone who practiced the religion must follow every word in the book or else they are sinning. .
             Prayer plays an important role in both Islam and Christianity. This is main way to communicate to their God. In the Islam religion it is said to pray five times a day to their God, Allah. Praying is one of the five pillars of Islam. The first is the profession of faith in Allah as the one God and in Muhammad as his Prophet. The others are: the giving of alms to the poor; fasting during the month of Ramadan; and the hajj.

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