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History Of U.S. Politics

            America has come a long way since its Independence. Throughout her history she has gone through a number of changes. One of these periods in which number of reforms took place was the during the period between 1870- 1914 five political parties dominated the American politics of that time. These parties such as the Democrats of the south the Progressive party. The Populists party, which consisted of farmers of the Midwest and Southern area's of America. To the Socialist and the Republican Party, all had their own particular distinction between themselves and what their beliefs were for in preserving the United States to prosperity. The voters of the party were the importance of these parties becoming successful in their campaign or to the leave of distinction. These parties will be described from their goals of what they wanted to accomplish and the American voters they affected in that time period. .
             The Democratic Party, was an offering of "equal protection and equal benefits" to the American societies. The party was known for its belief in having the states in position of control especially in the South; they referred to the democratic reform as personal liberty for state rights. The voters religions were of Baptist, Catholics, and Southern Whites, they had the belief in the "home rule"(p.445, The Unfinished Nation). The rule was of having social conservatism with a strong belief in economic development. Immigrants as well were supporters of this reform. Throughout its history the Democratic Party has called itself the party of the people, this title was justified by its traditional support of the south in which didn't have any strong feelings towards a dominant federal government. These approaches of the democrats would maximize the involvement of people, expand opportunity to contribute, are always better than those that limit or restrict;.
             The Progressive Party, was the party that name speaks for itself.

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