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Islam vs. Christianity

             Through the history of man that stretches back to the beginning, they were afraid of what they did not understand. Time marched on and out of the caves man came to worship gods they thought made the miracles of nature. Anything that could not be explained was attributed to all powerful beings. Worship of these gods's was done through sacrifice, offerings, and prayer. After centuries a man came into this world with teachings that changed the way people thought. Jesus Christ taught the masses to believe in one god, the God. This God created the universe and man. This lone God was responsible for morality and justice. Jesus taught that peace was the way to live in this world, and that others should be helped and given the knowledge of the Bible. Six hundred years passed and Christianity spread around the known world. At this time however, a man was born who would create a new religion, a religion with the same principle of one god, but different in almost every other way. This man was Muhammad, and through his teaching Islam would rise up as a religious power and begin to change the world. It was only a matter of time before these two ideologies would clash and become the tinder box of conflict they are today. To understand why these clashes are occurring, one must look at the principles of belief these religions hold. From the creators of the religions, to the teachings of the religions, to the practitioners of the religions, it becomes clear that Islam and Christianity are as different as night and day.
             Jesus Christ was believed to be the Son of God by his followers. His divine presence made people of his time stand in aw. Born to the Virgin Marry, Jesus lived life until his late twenties until he began to preach of God's will. Throughout the years of his life he gave hope to the hopeless and taught people that through peace one can right wrongs. In no case did Jesus ever use a sword or violence to spread his ideas and teachings.

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