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The Restriction of Freedom

             Throughout the history of human being, especially in the modern society, people have long been endeavoring to attain the sacred goal of freedom. The slaves tried every means to escape from their owners even at the cost of their lives; wars broke out in those colony countries to broke the bondage from colonial domination for freedom; it is freedom that serve as the leading spirit in the France Reform; and the spirit of liberty has been written as the declaration of human rights into the constitutions. It seem than freedom has been that primary goal people trying to obtain, not the restrictions, however, without restrictions and regulations, freedom is nothing but a right to jeopardize the social order. People often claim that they will pursue the goal of freedom in any cost without any mention of the concept of restrictions and regulations, as a matter of fact, they are quite used to, or rather say, dependent on various restrictions and regulations. The right of freedom is rather a right that is gifted and regulated by the law than a slogan of every one is gifted the right by the nature, without the right protected by the law, freedom is no more than a dulcet inclination. While the law itself is a kind of restriction the real meaning of freedom, from this aspect, is a freedom with regulations rather than absolute free choice. From the aspect of individual, every one want to express his own character, develop his own ability, and find out his own potency without being disturbed or forbidden by others, so it is necessary to give out a regulation on other people's behavior in case of jeopardizing your own freedom, on the other hand, the regulation works the same with you in order to protect other people's freedom. Thus, every one should be confined to some circumspection in which he could do whatever he likes. These are the basic requirement for a society of congregated people to protect and to prevent.

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