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Internet Restrictions Growing

            Internet Restrictions Growing Worldwide.
             Governments around the world are starting to limit free speech on the Internet, the New York Times reports in its on-line newspaper. Causes of these restrictions are reasonable. Their reasons vary from the desire to protect children from sexually explicit material to the desire to shield government from criticism. By sharing the same gateway address of. sabanciuniv:required URL, students of Sabanci University are responsible for the results of their acts on the World Wide Web, because every attempt that each student do on the net, are being logged by the web servers or Internet Service Providers, under the name of Sabanci University, and so under the name of Sabanci Family. From this point of view the Information Technology Department of Sabanci University should restrict the Internet access in necessary cases. But whatever the motivations, free speech advocates fear that the restrictions will shackle a communications technology that if left unfettered, would bring unprecedented free expression to every corner of the globe. "The restrictions are worrisome first of all because we, as Americans, believe very strongly in principles of free speech," said Barry S. Steinhardt, associate director of the American Civil Liberties Union. "We believe that they are universal principles and that government should not be censoring ones freedom of speech." We should take a look at this side of the view because the Internet is now being used synonymously with the word “freedom” nowadays.
             From the statistics of the IT Department of S.U last year, there were several hacking attempts to several ISP Services and also there were attempts to gain access to illegal pornographic materials on the web. As a result of these attempts Sabanci Gateway address was on the Blacklists on the several ISP Service Logs. Trying to hack the government sites of (which ends with “.

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