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Regulating the Internet

             The Internet is a method of communication and a source of information that is becoming more popular among those who are interested in surfing the information. The problem with much information being available to this many people is that some of it is considered inappropriate for minors. The government wants censorship, but some of the population does not. During the past decade, our society has become based only on the ability to move large amounts of information across large distances quickly. The internet offers a huge amount of information both good and bad, unfortunately the internet makes policing this new area practically impossible. The internet began as a small university network in the United States and has blossomed into a vast telecommunications network spanning the globe. Today the internet is ruled by no governing body and it is an open society for ideas to be developed and shared in. Unfortunately every society has its underside and the internet is no exception.
             This material is not lawfully available through the mail or over the telephone, there is no valid reason these perverts should be allowed unrestrained on the Internet. The industry has commendably advanced some blocking devices, but they are not a substitute for well-reasoned law. Because the Internet has become one of the biggest sources of information in this world, safeguards are necessary. According to the Broadcasting Standards Commission, "The Government has been arguing for years whether or not to require Internet filters in schools and libraries" (Rao). The government having the power to regulate the information being put on the Internet is a proper extension of its powers. With information based system such as the Internet there is bound to be material that is not appropriate for minors to see. May Kadi wrote "People are drawn to topics and folders that interest them and therefore people will only meet people who are likewise interested in the same topics in the same folders" (Kadi 389).

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