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The Relationship of Mothers and Daughters in Divine Secrets

            The relationship between mothers and daughters is awesome in so many ways and could never be duplicated. It can, however be fictionalized as in the novel Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells. Wells takes her readers through a journey of joy, sorrow, pain, and happiness between a woman and her mother. The mother-daughter relationship in the novel is a typical one in which there are obstacles, but love always prevails and they are overcome. These obstacles may take hours, days, months, or even years to overcome, but the end is always the same, for one's relationship with their mother can never be replaced. Wells' uses her excellent gift for writing and shows this relationship in its best and worst times and takes the reader to a place that they won't soon forget.
             Rebecca Wells was born in Central Louisiana. Her family was a hard-working one and they all did their part to keep up the plantation on which they resided. Wells attended the school for Southern Ladyhood and Roman Catholicism.(Ya-ya.com) As she grew, Wells always showed a gift for writing. Her family valued story-telling and brought Rebecca up to appreciate it as well.(barnesandnoble.com) She organized many .
             plays for her family and later on, for her town and local theater. Growing up in Louisiana gave Wells the basis for much of what she wrote. Although her stories are fictional, they are believed to tell much of what her life on the plantation was like. The Yaya's in the novel are very spunky and could out-do any city folk, but they are Southern girls at heart suggesting that Rebecca Wells is too.
             Divine Secrets of the Ya-ya Sisterhood tells a story of the struggle to overcome a feud between a mother and her daughter. Because she is a successful playwright in New York, a writer for the New York Times interviews Sidda. The writer gains the trust of Sidda and extracts information from her that Sidda never really meant to give.

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